Vision Test - self testing with eyeSnellen

eyeSnellen was written for medical and optometry professionals as a way of accurately testing a whole range of visual functions.

Vision Test is a companion program for the general public. It isolates single letters (with or without confusion bars) and provides a simple interface for self testing.

Image matching and auditory cues make this ideal for non-verbal patients and children.

The interface is also available on the iPad (or iPadmini) making it even easier to use.

If your vision is reduced on vision testing a refractive error may be present. A pinhole occluder can be made simply by taking a business card and punching several small holes with a needle or tack (1.5mm in diameter).

A pinhole works by reducing the size of blur circles on the retina that occur when the optical system of the eye is out of focus (long-sightedness, short-sightedness or astigmatism). If a significant  improvment in vision is noticed with a pinhole then glasses may be able to correct this.

If no improvement occurs despite using the pinhole a more serious problem may be present and consulting your nearest eye health professional is advisable.

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