My most recent project.

Having reviewed an iPad app to assess visual acuity I realised I could make a better app!

eyeSnellen uses an iPhone or iPod as a remote control over bluetooth or wifi (bluetooth is less power hungry).

The iPhone/iPod camera is used to calibrate the iPad/iPad mini chart. It will adjust the chart size for distance as well as room luminance making accurate vision testing quick, reliable and reproducible.

Many features have been added after feedback from users.

Overlay charts (jpg,png,gif,bmp) are possible to allow other functions of vision to be tested, such as a near chart, Amsler grid, stereo charts. User-defined charts are also possible and some examples will be added to this site over time (please email any favourites you have designed yourself). Check out some examples here (Ishihara plates at present).

LogMAR vision can also now be assessed with the various logMAR charts (original charts 1,2,R and revised charts 1,2,3).

A contrast sensitivity function is included and I am hoping to validate in clinical testing later on this year.

Please download the app and try it out. The remote is fully functional except for the direction keys which can be unlocked.

Please fill out the Contact Form on the main page for any bug reports, feature requests or just to touch base.

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